Something for the Ladies and Fancy Lads: Hotties of 1999!

The fear of potentially losing Hostess and their myriad of calorie-laden delights is bummin’ me out. I need a little candy to make it all better, EYE-CANDY, that is!

Youth of today, as you can see…we really had it all in the late 1990’s.

I give you: THE CHOICE HOTTIES OF 1999!!!  <—the entire list from Buzzfeed!

As a bonus, I decided to pull aside my favorites of the 20 photos down memory lane..

Ellen DeGeneres for Covergirl.


Dude looks the exact same today.


Lose the hair, Jude.


Timely, but not timeless.

If you didn't fall in love with him during "Can't Hardly Wait," you're a ROBOT.


And then I came across a couple that bummed me out a bit…

I completely forgot he used to be considered hot.

Oh Brendan Frasier! Youth is fleeting, and time is not kind to all, especially your face-parts. Oh well, he can console himself on the piles of MUMMY MONEY he’s made.

Which brings me to the former FUTURE Mr. Crib Keeper…

Gone but not forgotten.

 Carson Daly used to BE SOMEBODY and was also super hot. I’m so glad my 1999 birthday wish didn’t come true! He hit the wall, BIG time and I would have been stuck married to Carson for eternity, saddled with a million babies, while the entire “Oops I Did it Again,” album was piped throughout our mansion, complete with a Cristal filled swimming pool.  Thanks fates for helping me dodge THAT bullet!

And finally, I have a couple that I want to bring to your attention. They are brought to you by the letters W, T and F.

I've never felt more sorry for a tulip.

No way. “Piven as a hottie,” never happened. That shiz is Photoshopped.

And perhaps the most Ja Rule ludicrous of them ALL…

No. Just no.

HAIL NAW!!!!!!!!!

I don’t care what might have gotten YOUR jollies off circa 1999, but Fred Durst was NEVER a hottie in my world, AND HE NEVER WILL BE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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