Signs of the End Times: ShamWow Vince is Back

Billy Mays was and will always be, the KING of PITCHMEN!!

There’s really nothing I can say about the following 2-minute commercial.

Who am I kidding? There’s PLENTY I can say…

  • Pretty sure my ears will never recover after hearing Vince say: “Problem with that shedding pussy?” (Side note: “Hi,” to all the perverts that just got directed here by google search!)
  • Vince’s busted veil is the Webster’s dictionary definition of METH FACE! Kids: I’m not one to tell you how to spend your allowance, but it’s safe to say, it won’t be on narcotics after seeing those two minutes of Vince.
  • Oh and to the dude in the commerical who is on a first date using a “lil’ schticky” to get his dandruff off…no need to knock yourself out, something tells me you won’t be seeing this date again, anyway.
  • Shout out to the slutty flight attendant at the 1:00 mark. Who is she fooling? Homegirl is trying to snag a quickie.
  • I like that Vince is ridiculing himself in a police line-up gag, sure it’s incredibly sad and pathetic, what can I say? I often root for the scumbag!

Real Talk: I’m glad this fool is back. Know why? He’s a train wreck. The last time he was riding high on success, Vince got high and slapped a Hooker! I’m not advocating violence towards the working girls out there, but I am advocating he really GO NUTS this time.

See ya soon!

What say you Vince? I help make this new commercial a viral hit, thus re-making you the millions you snorted and smoked…In return? When you lose your shiz and go mad with power, you gotta do something really entertaining. Something along the lines of… huff some gasoline and steal the Oscar Mayer Wiener Mobile…but I’ll let you make the poor final decisions, all I’m asking is that your meltdown be grouchymuffin coverage-worthy.

That being said I want to buy this product.  I’m all the way convinced I need this Schticky schtuff! Hooray for impressionable infomercial enthusiasts!!!


Signs of the End Times: ShamWow Vince is Back — 9 Comments

    NEW COMMERCIAL OUT NOW! The Schticky Lint Roller, product created by Lindsey Brooks CEO Boardwalk Brand and Ingo Von Stein CEO of Euroshine INC. This is a cool new reusable lint roller set that is able to not only remove hair, dirt, dust and lint from clothing, but also from furniture, car interiors and your favorite black pants. Its secret is the silicone and rubber that it is made from that causes the material to be sticky when dry but then when all the lose debris is picked up you simply run it under a tap and then towel dry it and it becomes sticky again and again and again. Log onto our website and go to you tube to watch the new commercial . Lindsey and Ingo hired Vince to peddle the product nationwide almost a year ago, and after much research and effort the product has been brought to life. Join our official facebook and twitter to show your support!

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  4. ” Looks like Vince, the schticky pitchman has a competitor, i heard it is the girl he ripped off for the product, what a jerk for doing that he is? The commercial is really funny because it seems as though she is telling him to Shove it! “

  5. ” she created the product he stole it shes telling him to shove it!”
    “who rips off a single mom, wow what a jerk”
    ” did you see Lindsey Brooks Tv pitchwoman telling vince to shove it”
    ” did you see the shove it on the tv show the view?”
    ” this is crazy Lindsey Brooks vs Vince Offer in a tv pitch off of products the schticky vs the shoveit? sounds like a circus act!”

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