The Chosen Child is Born

Beyonce screamed out her baby last night (via C-Section.) In typical diva fashion she had an entire floor to herself (even docs weren’t allowed to visit fellow patients.)

I really could care less, but I imagine a bunch of fools will be yippee-ing about it, so here you go. It’s a girl and her name is: Ivy Blue Carter

I can’t hate on the name. Beyowulf went classic with the first name, and used a color for the middle name. Angry Baby’s middle name is a color as well, so it’s pretty obvious, much like the lyrics to “Bootylicious,” Beyonce is biting off of my style.

Update: Word is it’s actually Blue Ivy, like I give a sh*t. (Ivy Blue is Muuuch better.)

The real reason I cranked out this post???

So I could show this picture again!

Ivy in 17 years.


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