Extreme Exterior Lighting Alternate Title: WOWZA.

January 26th-29th was the 2012 Licht Festival in Gent, Belgium. The Light Festival is a yearly celebration of artistic lighting installations. Because I’m not cool, I didn’t know it was going down at the time, and I am just now … Continue reading

The Timberlake Appreciation Society Presents: HAPPY BIRTHDAY JUSTIN!!!

Today is a day of rejoicing at the hallowed Ivory towers of the Timberlake Appreciation Society Headquarters, it’s our muse and founding cause, Justin Timberlake’s birthing day. Thirty-One years ago, the most precious mouseketeer in the Magic Kingdom, the Prince of … Continue reading

Post on Request: ICON-NERY

I never know what I’m going to get as a topic when I choose my “Caption This!” winners…sometimes I’m left scrambling to learn about a topic that I can then in turn cobble into yuk yuks. Others? Well, there are those … Continue reading

Guess What Happens in 6 Days!?

We are but mere days away until next Sunday evening, when the WORLD will tune in for the SINGLE-HANDED MOST IMPORTANT TELEVISED EVENT OF THE COMPETITIVE YEAR! I’ve got all of my Buffalo Chicken Cupcakes ready to go, and I’ve … Continue reading

Say HELLO to our Caption This Contest Winners!!!!!!

I will NOT be putting a ring on that!!!!! – Bevin Jackson Runner Up: Baywatch 2 – imagine seeing this run at you in slow-mo. “oh lord I just want to drown”. -Jeff Honorable Mention goes to A-Ball with… Dear Carribbean Queen, … Continue reading

Scratch and Sniff Jeans: The Jokes Write Themselves

Say there lads and ladies, looking for a ridiculous, gimmicky way to have people standing in line to sniff your buns and or crotchital region? Look no further than the new SCRATCH AND SNIFF JEANS from the company Naked and … Continue reading

Nicolas Cage + LMFAO Cover = Good News, Dad!

My father likes very few things in this world, matter of fact his list of “likes” can be summed up in 5 items. British Tea War Documentaries Science Fiction Angry Baby and… Nicolas Cage That’s it. Me? My Siblings? Our Mother? He loves us by default, … Continue reading