Okay, Maybe 2012 will rule…


Those of us in Texas (and surrounding fellow Whataburger states,) have something to rejoice and look forward to in the new year…

January 2nd, Whataburger, the greatest fast-food chain ever, introduces a new ketchup. SPICY KETCHUP!

To those of you who have never been to the delightful fast-food gem known as Whataburger, they are famous for many delights, but none more coveted than “Whataburger Fancy Ketchup.” Their proprietary blend of red stuff, is the stuff dreams are made of. Not too sweet with a touch of vinegar, it’s the perfect complement to any french fry. Matter of fact, I save all of the extra ketchup packs they give me, I put them in a drawer in my kitchen, like some crazed hoarder. Sure, I get looks from friends and family when they discover my drawer of hoarded Whataburger ketchup pots, but anytime there’s a fry eaten in my house, the BEST ketchup in the world is always on the ready.

As if the original Whataburger “Fancy” ketchup weren’t delightful enough, they are now adding a version with chili paste mixed in…SPICY KETCHUP!


Come January 2nd 2012, these beauties will be available at a Whataburger near YOU (unless you aren’t close to one.)

It’s being made in “Limited Batches,” which is code for: GET OUT THERE AND SWOOP UP AS MUCH AS YOU CAN! If we snatch all the packs up, surely they will have to permanently offer it.

I personally know about 23 people who are going to weep tears of joy when they read this. What can I say? We’re passionate about Whataburger fancy ketchup.

True Story: I had a friend in HS who worked the late night shift at our town’s Whataburger, he told us a story about one drunk customer who was thrown out for being too drunk, as his belligerent azz was being escorted out, he yelled, “And another thing, your ketchup ain’t that FANCY!”

Good burn, small town wino. Of course he’s wrong, but nonetheless, it was hilarious. He really thought he was insulting Whataburger and my pal. And now he’s a footnote in my love letter to the same “Fancy Ketchup,” he once besmirched. Isn’t the internet grand?



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  1. Dan and I went to WB the other day and I am going to try to convince him that we MUST have that for dinner on Monday night! 🙂 I’m sure Danny will LOVE it!

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