Extreme Kick to the Pills


I don’t have to tell the majority of you reading this that today AKA Tues-the-Extreme day, sucks the big ones.

See, a ton of you are back at work today after a nice, extended weekend away from the day-to-day grind. And while L4L and I are on vacation through the new year, it doesn’t mean I’m insensitive to the needs of my treasured readers. SO in the spirit of EVERY Tues-the-Extreme day, I have some EXTREME Ha-Has to pass on to you.

Drunk Uncles, we all have them. Luckily for social media, there’s a whole mess of tweets, photos and statuses that documented this years most hilarious, creepy and not right. Enjoy these nitwits courtesy of Buzzfeed.

Click here for the entire list of creepy, funny, odd, sad and awesome.

How ’bout you? Were you the “drunk uncle,” at a family event over the break? I’m dying to hear your tales of jackassery and holiday terrors! HAY, now that I think of it, being at work today is preferred over being cooped up with the crazies who share your DNA. So who’s the lucky one today?

 Not me, that’s who. Angry Baby is still high on wrapping paper and new toy euphoria, she’s got the manic energy of a broadway dancer on Adderall. 


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  1. If you like my handle so much “why don’t you marry it” but Captin Carl sends all his love in the meanwhile.

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