Holiday Stress: How Not to Handle it.

It’s 3:45 in the morning as I’m sitting here typing out yet another post of gold, my humble gift to you dear readers. Sadly, your old pal the Crib Keeper woke up at the smoking crack of 1:35 in the morning…completely ready to start my day.

I languished in bed and tossed around until 3:00am, gave it up, showered and decided to check the interwebs for the latest in foolery, and now you know. While I was surfing the waves of WTF, I came across a Holiday Stress Cautionary Tale that we ALL can learn from.

Meet Henry DiCarlo

Princess Henry is a local news celebrity and weathermean (typo and it stays) in Los Angeles. Henry was doing a live weather report from a satellite location collecting toys for poor kids when they ran out of time and he had to rush through his weather forecast. Only, Joan Collins wasn’t having any of that. Hims got his feelings hurt and decided to berate the producer who didn’t give him enough time to do the weather without being rushed, and quit that snitch, ALL on live television.

 I’m going to take a moment to address Henry DiCarlo directly…

Look girlfriend, we’ve all been there before.

Some skank from another club decides to horn in on your go-go dancing cage and gets her cheap azzed glitter all over the shimmy bar. It’s a tale as old as that gelled hairstyle of yours. But you have to rise above it, Henry! You can’t walk off of live LOCAL NEWS(!) Do you know how important local news is? Very! (Side Note to readers who know I’m lie-telling about local news being important: shhh, he does it for a living, we have to pretend for his sake!)

Anytantrums Henry, You need to take a good, long, hard (getyourmindoutofthegutter) look at yourself and get some perspective. You are doing a segment that’s highlighting people GIVING TOYS TO POOR KIDS, who cares if the dips in Riverside have to be rushed through the forecast you’re only going to repeat every 10 minutes for the next 6 hours!?A little less Joan Crawford, and a lot more Debbie Reynolds.

To the rest of you drama queens and type -A’s I say to you the very same: Give it up girlfriend. Just temporarily smile and grit your teeth, comfort eat baked holiday goods, chug egg nog, stick a fork in the back of your hand…whatever it takes, avoid being a total a**hole.

The emotions and clashes that come this time of year are inevitable. The manufactured stress of the Holiday season is regrettably hard to avoid as well, but you know what? How you react to it all is 100% up to you.

PS: He went on air the next day with the producer and half-apologized. Right after his “apology,” he added to the crew and staff “But personally, you guys have seen much worse from me, so I didn’t think I was that bad.” <— This guy Makes Scrooge look like Mother Teresa breast-feeding a cherub.


Holiday Stress: How Not to Handle it. — 3 Comments

  1. Slightly hypocritical to tell your readers to get their minds out of the gutter cousin when we both know that’s where your readers live… I’m just saying homeskillet

  2. They should have given him more time to do the segment. That’s just called professional courtesy. Especially when he gets paid them bucks to spout out something people can read on the internet from the Weather Bureau, hell some of them have a dedicated channel for that shit. So why rush someone on live TV. They are lucky he didn’t kung fu kick that camera. Manufactured stress my ass.

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