Moustache Monday: Happy Holidays Edition!

You're Welcome.

Merry Moustache Monday, my beautiful babies! It’s that time of the season when we remember the reason for moustache celebration. Lip Sweaters of the world: get ready, today is all about you!

Happy Moustache Monday!!! (YES I spell it the European way, MOUSTACHE is funnier, deal with it.) Now, without FURTHER FANFARE here are some SWEET ‘STACHES!!!!!!

The King of Sing (And Moustaches.)

Perfect for hanging ornaments off of!

Moustache Monday Spirit Guide

Bonus Bearskin Rug!

Ghost of Moustache Past

Is it just me, or does this last one have a sexy Ron Swanson vibe to him? ME LIKEY!!!!!

For all of my fellow RON SWANSON fans out there I have a treat! The internet’s 10 best Ron Swanson tributes! 

Until later my lovelies,keep twirling and swirling those glorious nose-neighbors!

We even salute those who can't grow (sorry, baby bro.)

-The Crib Keeper


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