Last-minute, Moustache-Have Gifts

Relax and curl up by the moustache.

Well well well, look at all of you procrastinators out there! Tomorrow starts Hanukkah and Christmas is less than a week away. If I know you time-wasting, lollygaggers correctly, there are a ton of y’all out there scrambling looking for last-minute gift ideas.

Boys and girls, because nobody likes to open socks for Hanukkah (RIP Evil Memaw,) and your drunk (fun) uncle just confirmed he will have a +1 at the gift exchange, I give you these LAST MINUTE GIFT IDEAS: MOUSTACHE MONDAY BEFORE CHRISTMAS EDITION!

First up is a dandy little store called, Archie McPhee. Archie and I have been friends since the 90’s and chances are you’ll make him a go-to stop for every occasion from now on!

Archie McPhee has an entire MOUSTACHE category in its catalogue. Lucky for you, the internets has a virtual store HERE!






I need!

I need!

There’s oh so much more just click over and check on up the McPhee!

True Story, I shop here EVERY YEAR for my gifts. This year is no different. It’s the go-to place for wacky, cute, and cost-conscious.

Speaking of Cheap…er, cutting costs…you could always MAKE a last-Minute gift from scratch, for very little scratch! Behold:

All you gotta do is purchase clear glass ornaments (they come in packs of multiple ornaments,) then get some cheap white glass paint, remove the metal top of the ornament (they squeeze right out and are easily replaced.  Pour a bit of the white paint into the ornament, swirl it all over on the inside to color the clear bulb completely white. Let it dry. Once dry replace the metal top and get a bottle of cheap black paint pen (make sure it works on glass!) apply, let it dry and voila! There you have it. You’re welcome.

Shhhh! It’ll be our little secret!

Facial Hair Size Queen.

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