Taking a bite out of the nite.

Catch ya later.

I love the Megalodon shark.

While many credible scientists fools consider the Megalodon extinct, I know in my budding Super-Villain bones that THE LORD OF THE DEEP still lives.

I’ve said it many times before, but it bears repeating:

We know more about stupid space (RIP NASA,) than we do about our oceans. Matter of fact, less than 10% of the world’s oceans have been explored.  To say, “The Megalodon doesn’t exist,” is being overly optimistic. Therefore, it is a life’s goal of mine to prove to the WORLD that Meg still reigns in our abysses. But I’m getting off topic…

Tonight, this Mama Megalodon is roaming the waters free of her toothy, teething, snotty demon. Just when you thought my skank lines were extinct, I’m hitting the town with Lover fo’ Life. Matter of fact, we’re going to a birthday party at a bar. Depending on how ridiculous it gets, I will save further details until after the shindig to protect all involved. But it’s safe to say, we’re going to have fun. How do I know? Because Angry Baby is staying the night at her Granny’s <—the woman is a Miracle. 

Ahead of Angry Baby, is a night of laughs, tickles and snuggles by the fire.

For L4L and myself?  This evening we’re two adults interacting with other adults, in the least kid friendly place ever, a bar. Tonight, we take a vacation from being parents.

Oh don’t give me that look, I called my mother in law the other day merely to ask if she would watch the baby while we made an appearance at tonight’s birthday party.

My initial “no more than a few hours on Saturday Night,” was met with, Would you like me to keep the baby overnight?

(Everything inside me began screaming: “HECK YES!”)

“No, that’s ok. We just need you to keep her for a little bit.”

“Are you sure? I would love to have her and give you a break.”

“Well, if you insist…” I half-joked.

And just like that, your old pal the Crib Keeper became a person who is going to get an UNINTERRUPTED NIGHT OF SLEEP!

That’s right my darlings, we’s gettin’ our SNOOZE on tonite!

Awwww Yeah, I’m living the dream. The only thing that would make today better?

 If somehow I were able to discover, harness, and RIDE in to our scheduled party on the back of Megalodon, who DOES exist. Oh well, there’s always next year.

Comin' Atcha!

I’ll tell you all about tonight’s adventures or failures(?) when I get back and feel like it.  As for the rest o’ you landlubbers?


Fun Fact: Our little clap-trap hobo parlor of a website is considered one of THE places for Megalodon enthusiasts to gather. I didn’t set out for it to be that way, I just have thousands of you who happen to agree that…



The Crib Keeper aka the creator of the internet’s #1 source for fart jokes and Lord of the Deep shout outs…YOU’RE WELCOME!


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