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With the Holiday Season in full grind, animated television specials are a-plenty. As a self-confessed pop cultural junky, I watch and or DVR every last television special, be it the classic, A Charlie Brown Christmas, or the  non-classic, the He-Man She-Ra Christmas Special, I’ve got them all in HEAVY rotation.

Because some of you lucky skanks are getting off for Holiday Break today, and because IT’S FRIDAY(!!!) I’ve decided to share my two favorite Animated Christmas Specials with you, complete with the HULU LINKS TO WATCH THEM ONLINE FOR FREE (you’re welcome!) That’s right, my darling readers: I want you to waste time today…loads of it!

This installment of my temporary post series will focus on two of my favorites…Don’t worry, I’ll be doing others!

A Charlie Brown Christmas


I don’t care who you are, we all root for that tiny little Christmas tree. I, for one, felt a kindred spirit with the beautiful “Christmas Queen” miss Lucy Van Pelt.

She's a personal hero.

This awesome piece of television was the baby of Charles Schultz from soup to nuts. Add Vince Guaraldi’s classic soundtrack and you have TV worthy of its  actual place in the Smithsonian.

Fun Fact: Lover fo’ Life Hates Peanuts and this TV special. Obviously, I’ve been able to triumph over his flaw and love him regardless. I’m such a humble giver!

Anybabies, Below is the link to watch A Charlie Brown Christmas (and immediately after in the same video is It’s Christmastime Again, Charlie Brown.)

FYI: It’s Christmastime Again, Charlie Brown, is the sequel done many years after the original. It’s also (my best gal pal) the Rooster’s  favorite TV special so I’ve included it!

Next up is the VERY FIRST, and in many people’s opinion, the BEST Animated Special of all time, Mr. Magoo’s Christmas Carol!

There’s absolutely nothing bad about this special from beginning to end. The premise is simple: Mr. Magoo playing Scrooge in a SMASH HIT Broadway version of Charles Dickens  A Christmas Carol! The Animation is adorable, the songs are incredible, and most importantly, it  uses a ton of the Dickens original text. Here’s  my favorite number from the special, in an interesting twist, Angry Baby LOVES Razzleberry Dressing!

Razzleberry Dressing is all she would eat at Thanksgiving Dinner.

So if you’ve never seen it or haven’t seen it in years, please ENJOY Mr. Magoo’s Christmas Carol!!!!

You know, thanks to my post…you now have over 2 hours of TIMEWASTING GOLD ready at the click of the link. All you have to do is kick your feets up, and relax…This afternoon, is gonna fly! What would you do without me!?!?!


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  1. I dont hate the Charlie Brown special, just Peanuts in general. Its the most poorly drawn and un-funny comic strip ever. I actually like the special, and support its message. 🙂

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