It’s our Caption This Contest Winners!

“Keeping the “CHRIST!?!” in Christmas.” – Bex

Runners up:

“You’re about 2 decades late for the “In Living Color Christmas Special,” Fly Girl.”  A-Ball

“Santa’s aversion to any children of his own led Mrs. Claus to a divorce, her cougar days, and a new family with young Ebeneezer, who suffered his own issues with Christmas” – Wondermother

Congrats to all the winners!

Thanks to those who commented, I know this was a tough one, but she was far too glorious to keep ALL to myself!

Way to go Reader Bex! And now, your PRIZE!!! Name your post topic and I’ll get to work handcrafting a post just for YOU.  As for everyone else?

Keep Checking BACK!!! I'll post it same (or next) day!

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