Extremely Stupid.

Nothing but love for America.

Fox News has given us many things. I for one, will forever be grateful to them for all of the hot chicks they feature as “serious News Anchors.” But the Fox Business channel? Those hookers are dead to me.

Making the rounds on the internet, because only rich pepaws and sassy Real Estate agents watch Fox Business channel live, is a segment they ran about how the Muppets are anti-cooperation and are brainwashing our children.

I’ve retrieved it here for you, we’ll continue after the vid…

Look, I really don’t care where you are in politics, but to hate on the Muppets is pretty much the worst thing a human being can do (pay to see a Jennifer Lopez movie, is a close 2nd.).

The Muppets, are every-puppets: no matter who you are, there’s one you identify with. Be it Gonzo, the permanent weirdo with a proclivity for chicken, or Fozzy Bear, the horrible  blogger  hack comedian, there’s a Muppet for that.

Speaking of, last night Lover fo’ Life and I went out and FINALLY saw The Muppet Movie! (More on that later.)

Oh and by the way: As a gun-toting Texan, who has multiple family members both past and present in oil, I wasn’t the slightest bit offended by  “Tex Richman,” matter of fact, he was the BEST CHARACTER IN THE MOVIE (maniacal laugh.)

Happy Tues-the-Extreme Day, everybody! Now, on the count of 3 let’s all give Fox Business channel one, big, collective, eye-roll.


Extremely Stupid. — 2 Comments

  1. Yeah, I had some friends tell me that weren’t impressed with The Muppets. I asked how could that be? It was classic Muppet humor. Don’t we recall, in The Muppet Movie, Fozzie in a fake beard and mustache behind the bar telling everyone drinks are on the house then cutting to everyone on the roof looking for booze? How far removed is that from Beaker showing up with an axe to a barber shop quartet skit? It turns out that my friends have never seen any other Muppet movie. Not only do I pity their bleak childhood because of it, but it did explain their disappointment in the current film. Appreciating the sophistication of Muppet humor is truly a gift to a chosen few:).

  2. Wow that guy was a complete douchebag. And if you watch the blonde chick who responds to him she kicked his ass. How ignorant do people have to be to follow blindly after corporate news media like FOX news? Profit and success is not evil, corporate greed is evil when it is at the expense of the middle class who works just as hard and has a HUGE hand in creating said wealth. The movie doesn’t brainwash people, FOX NEWS brainwashes people using religious double speak to dupe the idiot masses.

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