Date Night

You CAN escape me.

If you’re a friend or acquaintance of mine who used the term “Date Night,” in my presence or on my news feed, prior to October 16th, 2010, there’s a 99% chance I threw you shade. Before I was graced with the winning screams of Angry Baby, I didn’t see the point of a “Date Night,” every night was a date night as far as I was concerned. I foolishly thought setting aside a night and going out on a date with your spouse/partner was foolish.

And then of course, Mother Nature kicked me in the dried plums. I’m now the parent of a walking, yelling, pooping and puking reason  “Date Nights” exist.

Which brings me to yesterday afternoon. My mother in law gave me a jingle on my cellular telephone and explained she was in the throes of “Angry Baby Withdrawals,” and “didn’t I have to run errands or something?” Ever the kind, giving, giver that I am, I quickly retorted “Take her: you can get all the baby fix you want.”

“How about I watch her tonight?”

Well, I warn you…she’s cutting two top molars and is being a real stinker.

“That child is perfect, she’s never been a stinker in her life.”

I’ll drop her off at Six.

And just like that, out of the blue, Lover fo’ Life and I were given a night off by Angry Baby’s granny. I called L4L and told him the glorious news, Dinner and Muppet movie followed by shopping became the plan.

At exactly 6:05 pm we pulled out of my Mother in law’s driveway and were on our way to a romantic dinner. What’s the exotic and incredible bistro we dined at? Why, none other than Denny’s. You see, a few weeks back I saw a commercial for PUMPKIN SPICE PANCAKES at Denny’s and made a note that I would have to check them out. Last DATE night, was the nite to try this delicacy.

To those of you who are giving my romantic meal location and choice the side-eye, I hold up a mirror and throw that side-eye right back at YOU.

There’s nothing more romantic than being able to stuff your face with hastily fried breakfast foods without shame in front of the one you love.  As I scarfed my perfect pumpkin pancakes, I looked at the other patrons and realized I made the right choice in choosing Denny’s for our dinner…

 You see, I was the most beautiful woman in the establishment. Clearly, I still had “the goods.”

After dinner, we zipped over to the dying mall and caught the last showing of the Muppet Movie available for our time-budget. The movie started at 7:50, we sat in our seats at 7:48.

Thanks to the lacking consumer confidence in this particular mall, we had the entire place to ourselves. The cavernous, digital, movie theatre, all ours. I kicked off my shoes and curled up on a coupla seats like they were a couch and settled in for what was sure to be a great flick.

I wasn’t disappointed. The movie was an adorable homage to the previous Muppet celluloid gems, while staying fresh and current (well, save the whole Jack Black cameo.)

The highlight of both the movie and our date was the big “Rainbow Connection,” number. Because the theatre for 500 was filled with just the two of us, we spontaneously began singing along at the very same time and were able to have a complete song duet without embarrassment or interruption. Perhaps it was the Muppets, the freedom of “Date Night,” or the delightful pumpkin pancakes digesting in my stomach, but I fell in love with L4L all over again during our impromptu co-serenade.

When we exited the movie, we found the mall was deserted and CREEPY, there wasn’t a soul around. As we walked to our car in the cold drizzle, we enjoyed yelling ridiculous phrases that will NOT be repeated on this site of ill repute. Suffice to say, you would have been offended. THE WORLD would have been offended…thank goodness there was no one there to hear us.

And finally, the grand finale of “Date Night,” a little last minute retail therapy at the CVS right down the street from my Mother in law’s. We walked every last aisle, searching for insanity and funny fake Christmas presents for eachother. In the end, nothing tickled our fancy…I quickly grabbed a gallon of milk and box of toddler oatmeal (the whole reason we were going “shopping,” in the first place,) paid and headed out to pick up our little teething demon.

When we walked in my MIL’s house, all the lights were off, she and Angry Baby fell asleep watching the Family Channel’s 25 days of Christmas, only because it was now after 10pm, it had turned into the 700 club with Pat Robertson. Terrifying! I screamed at the visage of evil Pepaw Pat, Angry Baby woke up and smiled at us. 

By the way, according to her Granny, Angry Baby was “perfect,” and “an absolute joy.” 

To all of you out there that enjoy “Date Night,” with your beloved, be it in an empty movie theatre or the back of a Taco Bell, understand me when I say this: DATE NIGHTS RULE.

EVERYONE (including you!) NEEDS THEM!!!!!!!

And to the term,”Date Night,” please accept my sincerest apologies for all of my years of hatin’. You are a gift and treasure, not a “lame excuse for scheduling love!”


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  1. By the way, my seven day long change is coming up starting Friday and we HAVE to find time to spend together. I miss you terribly.

  2. Funny you ask that, I took Mace to Mall of the Mainland a few months back just to walk the creepy deserted halls, he looked at me on the way back to the car and said: This place at night makes mall of the mainland look crowded! YES, we do need to get together! Any Day but Wednesday works for me!

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