Class in Space!


This guy is going places.

Space nerds, as an Ocean nerd, you and I are diametrically opposed. But that doesn’t mean I can’t get offa my high horse Great White Shark and give y’all a golf clap when you deserve it!

November 18th, 2011 was a day that will be emblazoned in the dates of great history. What happened on that great date? It was the day the first beer was launched into space.

That’s not even the end of this classy tale bred with the finest of  fermented hops, the beer that was chosen to be flung into space? None other than elixir of the Gods, the most elegant beer ever created: Natural Light.

Some dudes got together and launched a vacuum packed can of Natural Light into space. They mounted a camera that caught the entire voyage. ENJOY:

Natural Light, or “Natty Light,” if ya nasty, is the beer of winners and the choice of the choosiest. Real Talk: The Rooster and I went through a Natty Light, phase a few years back. We constantly kept our fridges stocked with a case just incase the other visited. Sure, we’d only have a couple at a pass together, the point was that Natural Light was cold and always on the ready at my casa.

Why Natty Light? Because it is refreshing.

Natural Light is the most watered down beer ever. No, that’s not a bad thing…it’s a WONDERFUL THING! On a hot day a Natty Light will quench your thirst AND give you a buzz (if you drink enough of them.) It’s the distinguished beer lover’s secret shame stash: cheap and delicious, and most importantly, possesses glamour in every sip. Somewhere in the crazy mixed-up times of our pretentious late twenties, the Rooster and I lost sight of Natty Light.

A few weeks back I decided to purchase a case, just to recall those Halcyon days of yore…as I purchased it Lover fo Life chuckled, “That stuff again!?”

“Yes, it’s refreshing, delicious and quenches my thirst.”

After I got home and cracked one open, I was saddened to learn that somewhere in the years, they had switched my ever beloved Natural Light recipe, with fermented walrus whiz.

I blame myself for deserting Natty Light, my taste buds are to be forever punished. No longer can I lap up the pale amber liquid treasure, I lost my chance. I’ll forever have to slum it up with various craft beer and expensive imports, no more class in a glass for this fool. But thankfully, for the universe, Natural Light is now a historic, SPACE TRAVELING, legend.




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