Happy Thanksgiving, Turkeys!

I was a regular Martha Stewart Today

I hope you had a wonderful day, my darlings! I’m buzzed on iced tea spiked with sweet tea vodka, in the throes of recovering from a massive meal. Angry Baby is happily rocking on the porch with her Granny. Oh sure, she threw a FULL HOUR LONG HISSY FIT over having to wear her shoes this morning…but who’s going to hold that against her now that she’s a laughing little cherub?

Ahead of me lies nothing but a night of laughs, fun, booze and family. We’re doing our nightly ritual of a roaring fire in the outdoor Pavillion fireplace.

The stars are out, the fridge is full of heavenly leftovers and my best gal pal, the Rooster is on her way to party with us until Sunday, when we head back to the real world. Ranch Life Rules.

I’m off y’all, I can’t stay up too late tonight, in the morning I’m getting my Ted Nugent on aka going hunting!

Tomorrow at 4:00am Lover fo Life and I are heading out to hunt. I haven’t been hunting since 2 Thanksgivings ago when I shot a 7 point buck!! We’re going to focus on hunting boar and deer! Who knows what adventures await us?? I’ll keep you posted.

Happy Thanksgiving, you JIVE TURKEYS! I’m thankful for YOU and the fun journey into the absurd our little interwebs site has become.

I’ve got some sweet pics to post, but unfortunately, the internet in the sticks ain’t what I’m used to. Matter of fact, I’m only able to stay in touch with you via a hot spot on my cell phone. Hooray Progress!!!!!

Until later my DEERS!!! (crowd groans)

(Photo courtesy of our friends at the Twist)


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