It’s time to announce our CAPTION THIS Contest Winners!!!

“Guess the tryptophan does more than make you sleepy??” – Raye

Runners up:

“C*ckgobbler” – Thane

“Warning! This cake tastes like d*ck!” – Chi Town

“They always did look a bit like plucked turkey necks to me… Well, the ones that didn’t look like plucked chicken necks, anyway.” – B. G. Wee

Way to go everyone!

Ok Raye, now it’s time for you to CLAIM YOUR PRIZE! Simply let me know your POST ON REQUEST topic and I’ll have the prize post up in a jiff (same day or next morning depending on when you get your request to me!)

I want to extend a huge THANK YOU to all who entered the CAPTION THIS contest. You all truly have your minds in the gutter and fingers in the cupcake frosting! What I’m trying to say is Y’ALL ARE DIRRRRTY!!!!

Keep up the good work, we’ll have a new Caption This contest ready for you Friday…BLACK FRIDAY!!! <—- that term sounds sooo much cooler than it really is.

Keep Snarking, my friends!

Have a picture you think is CAPTION THIS contest worthy? Send it on in to your old pal the CRIB KEEPER!


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