Post on Request: Thoughts on the current state of TV.

NOW that's a way to ensure no one changes the channel to "Whitney!"

For those of you living under a rock, last Friday I unveiled our 2nd Caption this contest. After a ton of comedic gems dropped on the comments section, reader Mark was judged to be the winner. The prize? A post on request based solely on his whim. It took an entire day of harassing him for a topic, before he obliged.

“Ok Crib Keeper. Your thoughts on the current state of TV, and I mean scripted shows. What do you like? What do you dislike? Do you see good/bad trends? Are there shows that have surprised you or made a comeback? Are there old favorites that have fallen by the wayside?”

Mark, I will answer your questions RIGHT NOW!  Everyone, please feel free to chime in with your thoughts!  Let’s get started!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

“What do you like?”

Maybe it’s because I’m a parent, aka officially old…but I have recently rekindled my love of television dramas:

  • Sons of Anarchy is the darkest and best it’s ever been (can’t wait for tonight’s episode!)
  • American Horror, sickos being sexy and creepy? Yeah, you knew I was watching this!
  • Mad Men old episodes (on Netflix) are tiding me over until the new season which will not be on our screens until (hopefully!?) March.
  • The Simpsons (not a drama, but a staple in my life since I was 10!)

“Are there shows that have made a comeback?”

Yes, The Office.

Real Talk: I gave The Office, up a few seasons back… it got old to me. I lurve Steve Carrell but I have to say, his departure from the series has caused the old show to be new again for me!

Putting Andy “Nard Dog” Bernard in the role of Regional Manager, was a stroke of genius. Ed Helms is both irreverent and lovable as the approval starved, newbie boss. James Spader as Robert California is a hilarious, welcome addition. Spader is pure comedy gold each and every time he awkwardly appears on the screen. To the Naysayers who aren’t interested in getting re-interested in the office, I say: go back and watch the recent episode, “Garden Party.” Five bux says you’ll laugh out loud before the opening credits role.

“Any shows that have surprised you?”

Yes, the Will Arnett and Christina Applegate vehicle produced by the great Lorne Michaels, Up All Night.

The premise of the show is simple, a coupla first-time parents trying to make it all work with a new baby. Hilarity ensues. Or does it?

True Story: I was so excited about this sitcom. I followed the script progress, personally cheered it on during pilot season and set my DVR to record the whole series. Sadly, Up All Night  is not doin’ it for me. I give new shows 3 episodes to reel me in. After 3 if I’m not feelin’ it, we part ways and I free up the space on my DVR. Maybe it’s the Maya Rudolph character, or the lack of belly bustin’ laffs, but I’m not a fan.

“Old Favorites who have fallen by the wayside?”

  • BOREDwalk Empire, was a show I watched last season but decided to quit. Even the power of Buscemi during the 1920’s couldn’t keep me from peacing out of this snooze-fest.
  • Modern Family, The new Lily creeps me out, I wish they had just let “old baby Lily,” grow into the role. It’s been cute this season, but where are the gut-busting laffs? Thank Goodness for Cam, Phil Dunphy and Gloria’s cleavage (Sofia Vergara.)
  • Saturday Night Live has been hit or miss this season so far. The episodes are all-killer with no filler (Stiller) or un-funny flops (Anna Faris) I’ll watch SNL no matter what, so I best not complain too much or I’ll just resent myself for tuning in.

It’s not such a great time for Community College themed sitcoms starring Joel McHale…

The hilarious and unwatched Community just got yanked from the NBC schedules and will return at a “date yet to be determined,” yet Sh*tney Whitney is still on and is getting viewers!? On the silver lining tip: 30 Rock, my go-to laff factory, has been on hiatus while Tina Fey had a baybeh, and will be returning to the NBC schedule in January.

And finally, as for “Trends” I have noticed two…

1. Everything Old is new again. Classic 90’s Nickelodeon has been brought back on a nightly programming basis. Stations like Hub have brought back 80’s classics such as Jem and Fraggle Rock, nostalgia is king.

2. The economy has effectively driven reality television’s main focus from exploiting vapid idiots, to turning America’s excess into money. Pawn Stars, Storage Wars, Auction Hunters, American Pickers, Auction Kings. Are huge hits, America is ready to sell her STUFF!

And there you have it reader Mark, my thoughts on the current state of television, your PRIZE post on request! 

What about YOU, darling reader? What turns you on TV wise? I’m all rabbit ears!!! (crowd groans)


Post on Request: Thoughts on the current state of TV. — 9 Comments

  1. Cant believe you didnt mention GLEE as a waysider (though it went wayside some time ago)…I remember you loved that show when it first came out…and then loved it less….and now cant stand it. It had to get all political and preachy and wierdly uncomfortable.

  2. Garden Party episode = classic Jim messing with Dwight. And there’s Mose. It’s just great.

    I’m still hanging with Up All Night because I love Christina Applegate & Will Arnett so much. Don’t love Maya’s character but they have toned her down a tad since the pilot.

    Agree re: Lily…and Whitney. Whitney is godawful.

  3. “Parks and Rec” is the best comedy on television. PERIOD. EXCLAMATION POINT. It had the classic first season that didn’t know what to do with these characters. It had the ramp up in season two and seasons three and four have been peak comedy. A machine, Jerry.

    I have stuck with The Office and I’m prepared to jump at any point. I have about a dozen moments of jumping the shark. I agree that James Spader is stupendous and I can only argue that he’s not on enough. What has truly killed the heart of that show, for me, is the fact that the characters are all friends. Case in point: Garden Party. At the end, with Nard Dog leaving with his tail between his legs and the whole crew is there grilling hamburgers and they toss him a beer.

    In the old days, if this were Michael Scott, they allow him to go home and eat dinner by himself with the “documentary” crew peeking their cameras through the blinds. It’s gotten too soft. What drove the series at the beginning was everyone really not liking each other. The venom is gone.

    I’m willing to give “Modern Family” the benefit of the doubt this season. They need to turn the ship around soon.

    Also, we all need to keep an eye out for “Happy Endings.”

  4. Also, I think a bad trend is the decision to keep adding cast members. It’s a sickness.

    Maybe they’ve found that fans get tired of the same cast. Maybe there’s a method to the madness. All I know is that that dumb “Hawaii 5-0” remake had the guy from “The Shield,” Boomer from “Battlestar,” Jin from “Lost” and James Caan’s (CAAAAAAANNNNN!!!!!!) kid.

    Now it has Locke from “Lost,” the zany Japanese guy from “Heroes,” some skinny piece of ass who I don’t recognize. It’s an epidemic everywhere. I don’t get it.

  5. Typecasting is crazier than ever in reality TV. This “election” show has a poorly-spoken jackass from Texas in the cast… Too obvious, TV people, too obvious.

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