Extremely Inspiring!

Happy Tues-the-Extreme Day, FOXY Babies!

Marty McFly, er…Michael J. Fox. Is there any actor out there who is more inspiring? Alex P. Keaton Michael retired from full-time acting over 10 years ago. His reasons for retiring at such a young age were simple, he was suffering from Parkinson’s disease and it was more important to spend time and focus on his family.

In the years since, Fox has made occasional acting appearances, He recently KILLED in a guest role on this season’s Curb Your Enthusiasm! But for the most part, he has focused on his charity, The Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research.

Not only is he battling a crummy disease with grace and dignity (RIP G-Pops) he is devoted to helping others and spending time with his family.  Homedude hit his “magic money number,” cashed out and quit Hollywood = He’s a solid gold HERO.

The other evening Fox made headlines when he performed “Johnny B. Goode” live onstage thus recreating his legendary BACK TO THE FUTURE Enchantment under the Sea Dance performance!!!

When the story broke there was only a photo of the magic…and now? Thanks to the internets and cellular phone technology, there’s video footage of the miraculous BACK TO THE FUTURE  re-enactment magic. GREAT SCOTT!

In the interest of fully disclosure: the Daily What posted this yesterday…but I decided to save it for TUES-the-EXTREME DAY! You see, today is the day where we give a shout out to living life in the extreme! Be it binge eating or bungee jumping, LIVE TODAY IN THE EXTREME!!!!!!!!!!

(The magic really gets going at the 1:17 mark!!!)

Here’s the original shot over TWENTY FIVE years ago!!!

And just for grins…


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