Pumpkin Spice Product Update Time!!!!!!!!!!!!

Get your pumpkin on!

Less than two weeks from Thanksgiving and it’s like Christmas for Pumpkin Spice flavored product nut jobs like yours truly. If you are one of my people, you no doubt have the same biological inclination to purchase every single Pumpkin-Spiced flavored product on the planet. Sadly, some of them are real stinkers. Luckily, I buy them and review the new products as I find them, saving you the heartbreak of non-quality Pumpkin Spiced products. So without further fanfare here are the latest goodies!

First Up is Krusteaz Pumpkin Spice Quickbread Mix


Easy to bake, delicious to taste and fills your home with Pumpkin bread good smellums? It took absolutely no time to assemble bake and enjoy. I give this beauty an A+

Which brings me to my next Pumpkin Spice flavored product: Betty Crocker’s Pumpkin Spice Cookie Mix

These were good, but no different from a spiced cookie that’s a slight shade of orange. The Pumpkin is there, but is by no means the star. Still, a cookie is a cookie, I’m in!

I give it a solid B+

And finally…

740 Calories for the Small, 1040 for the Large. Enjoy Responsibly!

Sonic (America’s Drive-In,) is offering a Pumpkin Spice milkshake for a limited time only. Of course I had to try one. Merely in the interest of Science, of course. Oh the things I do for you my beloved readers, I’m such a giver!

Cool, creamy and made with real ice-cream, this graham cracker and whipped cream topped delight is a treasure to behold. Imagine a creamy pumpkin pie, liquified and chilled to perfection. This is the shake that will launch 1,000 gym memberships. It’s PERFECTION!

Sadly, I got the small.  And it was not enough drink for my unquenchable pumpkin thirst aka enough that I could drink some and freeze the other half for later . Because of that, I regret that I can only give this product an A.

One last thing, I have a wonderful discovery for all Pumpkin devotees,


Until later my fellow flavor fans, KEEP IT PUMPKIN SPICE NICE!

Sonic Pumpkin Pie Milkshake reviewed at Master Briscoe’s Request.

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