Triumph + Louis CK + A REAL WEDDING = Greatest episode of Conan, ever.

Conan Rules

Last night you missed a heckuva episode of Conan, good thing I’m here to break down the gems for you…

For those of you not hip to the red-haired maven that is Conan O’Brien and his television show on TBS, I say: FOOEY ON YOU! The Crib Keeper has been Conan’s #1 fan since she was a youth.

Back in the heady, halcyon days of the early nineties, we had to watch things live OR record them on a crappy VHS tape. There was no pausing, skipping, DVR, Tivo, Season Passes, Sunday Tickets, etc..It was: learn the cryptic ancient wisdom of programming the VCR, pray to the TV Gods that it stuck and retrieve your (hopefully there!) recording at some other point (on a bulky poor quality video tape.) It sucked y’all, but we thought we were LIVING in the future! And for a 14-year-old Crib Keeper, it might as well have been.

For the first few years he was on Late Night With Conan O’Brien, the show came on at TWO in the GEE-DEE MORNING (2:35am.) Having been a night owl back in the pre-Angry Baby days, I caught it the first night Conan as host premiered. I was in love with Conan and ANDY(!) instantly. From then on, I watched Late Night, either live (on summer and weekend nights,) or recorded from the night before. Over the decades, Consie has been bounced around (and was treated like crap by NBC,) through every incarnation I’ve watched faithfully. When pregnant with Angry Baby, the Crib Keeper and Lover fo’ Life, were even lucky enough to catch him live on tour at Radio City Music Hall. Currently he’s on TBS M-TR at 10:00pm (CST) The show films in Los Angeles, but was temporarily relocated to NEW YORK CITY this week, the BIG FINALE NYC show was last night, and can I just say? It was the GREATEST EPISODE EVER!!!!!

For Starters, it had Conan back in a New York state of mind, if you ask me Cone-Bone is as East Coast as popped collars. I love seeing him back in the town that made his original show so great.


TRIUMPH THE INSULT COMIC DOG RETURNED! He visited, of course(!) OCCUPY WALLSTREET. Oh Robert Smigel (creator and voice of Triumph), you really are the KING OF ONE LINERS! Better than Rickles!

watch triumph here! <—-SO WORTH THE CLICK! DOIT!

Then the Brilliant Louis C.K. was on. In a word, brilliant. In a sentence? I almost peed mah pants!

enjoy the whole 10 minute yuk-yuk fest here!

And finally, the show ended with a heartwarming wedding of two well-dressed fancy lads (seriously, I want that PURPLE JACKET!) Conan’s longtime costume designer Scott Cronick and his partner David Gorshein tied the knot with Conan officiating. For that extra sprinkle of glitter, Andy Cohen was there!

Here’s the sweet and sincere footage!

Fun Fact: the Wedding processional was an instrumental version of “Erev Shel Shoshanim” a song I LURVE TO SANG! Matter of fact, I won an award for singing this song so beautifully in junior high! (No glory is too small for me to brag about!)

For all my fellow choir queens and the chosen people:


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