The Japanese are doing it right.

Cue the Hallelujah Chorus...

With November 1st, the world began the “Christmas Season,” and regardless of religious belief (or lack of) one thing is for certain: People are gonna hawk holiday goodies. Why even the fast food joints horn in on holiday tie-ins.

That’s where Burger King Japan comes in. For a mere $21.00 (US) you can stuff your holiday depression away. Introducing the Pizza-Sized Burger! This beauty of modern technology is big enough to feed 4 and for a limited time only (in Japan ONLY as well, boo!) you can order a party pack meal featuring the massive burger, 4 drinks and four sides. Attention Japanese Readers: Order between Nov 11- Dec. 22nd for delivery Dec. 8-25.

Apparently nothing says “Merry Christmas,” aka “Merii Kurisumasu,” like chowing down on fast food. Not a joke- KFC makes a holiday party bucket pack that is a Japanese Christmas Day Dinner Phenomenon. This new Burger King deal is a way to cut into the Christmas Dinner fast food tradition.

The truth: L4L’s family each year for Christmas Dinner, makes a Stouffer’s Lasagna. Surely you know the “hot chunks of cottage cheese” mystery meat amalgamation of ketchup-like tomato sauce and pasta, monstrosity to which I am referring…Oh lerd it’s awful.

Real Talk: A pizza sized hamburger, even from Burger King, would be a massive upgrade to the Stouffer’s freak-show. Even Real-er Talk: I’m pretty certain I could eat an entire one of these in a sitting. Oh sure, I’d be like a snake and wouldn’t eat for days afterwards, but I’d keep it down.

There’s no shame in my game people, I’d hit this burger six ways to Sunday. Oh why can’t I be in the land of the Rising Sun for Christmas this year!?

Nope, it’s Stouffer’s lasagna and awkward silences for me this Christmas. Hooray.


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