Tricks gotta get their treats!

The Great Valorini, Coney Island Strong Man (Circa 1910)

Last night was a big night here at Angry Baby Manor, we took our little tyrant trick or treating!

As a creepo who loves creepy things, I adore Halloween and all the ghoulish delights it holds for children of all ages, but last night? Best time trick or treating EVER! Oh sure, I was mauled by a swarm of mosquitos all night, but it was worth it. We took Angry Baby to 3 houses, Uncle G$’s, Granny’s and Jojo’s Mom: Ms. Lindy’s casa!

First up was Uncle G$. His house was done to the HALLOWEEN HILT! He even had an 8 foot HALLOWEEN TREE complete with skeleton garlands. It was perfection. Angry Baby was offered candy, picked up a coupla chocolate bars, sucked on them (wrappers still on) and when she was done, she put the wet candy back in the bowl. (So thoughtful!)

Next up was Granny’s house where instead of candy, Angry Baby was showered with kisses, The Great Valorini decided to take a 20 minute “play break” while we were visiting, so we stayed a spell.

And finally, we went to Ms. Lindy’s, and what a coincidence(!) we ran into Jojo and her beautiful family! Just as they were leaving, we pulled up. PERFECT TIMING! Why? Because we had an impromptu hang-out AND Jojo FORCED ME to take home some extra pumpkin bars they had left over.

After our adventurous night of candy, family, friends, mosquito attacks and PUMPKIN BARS, Angry Baby was pooped and fell asleep in the truck on the way home. As papa bear scooped his lil’ honey out of her car seat, she barely stirred. Angry Baby was out like a light until 6:30am, a whole hour longer than she usually sleeps!

Free Candy is a treat of Halloween we all know. But the greatest part of Halloween, I’ve just discovered: All the FUN exhausts ANGRY BABY! HOORAY!

So, without further adieu, I present more pictures of THE GREAT VALORINI, Old-timey strongman extraordinaire! In the interest of full disclosure, these were taken this morning, the photos we took last night have friends and family in them 🙂

Happy Baby!

Delicious fingers.

Old-Timey Strongman is about to HULK out.

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