Our First Ever Caption This Contest!!! Alternate title: Don’t blow it

Ladies and Gentlemen, boils and ghouls your old pal the Crib Keeper has a new series to debut this fine FRIDAY!!! I am proud to announce the debut of  CAPTION THIS! Since I am no visionary and folks have been having caption this contests forever, I don’t have to explain that all you have to do is come up with a funny, clever or cute caption for the picture I have posted, simply comment on this blog post with it and I will judge which I like the best.

The prize? Other than my eternal love and respect, Winner gets to request any topic on which I will write. I will write and post the post on request, same day the winner gives me the topic. The End.

Yeah, it’s a crappy prize, but hey, internet glory and hastily slung together yuk-yuks are what I got.

Winner will be announced on Monday, so have your prize post topic suggestions ready to go (in the event YOU are the winner!) Once the winner is announced, if it’s YOUR caption…click the email button and drop me your request. I will then feverishly churn out a special turd post on request and you will be forever lauded in the www.grouchymuffin.com archives.

One more thing, thousands of you read my stuff daily, but rarely comment. That’s cool because I enjoy being able to handle comments personally, but if no one participates in this CAPTION THIS contest, then I will forever kill the series. Yep, the fate of this new post series rests on your participation. YAY INTERNETS!!!!!!

SO without further adieu, CAPTION THIS!!!!!! (This was hanging on the wall in Angry Baby’s examination room yesterday!)



Our First Ever Caption This Contest!!! Alternate title: Don’t blow it — 18 Comments

  1. Ok kids, your kidneys are connected to you bladder by tubes called the ureters. Your kidneys help make pee!

    *Unfortunately, our artist was Dr. Happy’s stoned nephew, so the bladder and kidney were flipped, but hey, at least the pee is in the right place.

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