Halloween is but ONE WEEK AWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!


Greetings fellow fall revelers. We are exactly one week from one of the BEST nights of the year, Halloween! I’m celebrating the impending holiday with television-specials, vintage horror movies and PUMPKIN FLAVORED EVERYTHING!

Today I began hitting the bricks for Angry Baby’s Halloween costume parts, I’m making her get-up. Your old pal the Crib Keeper is a firm believer in DIY Halloween costumes. It’s fun, they end up better made, cheaper and creativity isn’t limited.

This year Angry Baby is going to be a Strongman. A Coney Island muscle-man from the early 20th century if you want specifics. Complete with old-timey barbell.


SO while I’m trolling the internet for ideas, I thought I would share some completely un-related news. I have PUMPKIN SPICE FLAVORED PRODUCTS TO SHARE!

True Story, I was at a Fall-get together last week and a grouchy muffin fan made it a point to seek me out and tell me she LOVED my pumpkin spice product-watch! You know who you are, this part of the post is for you and ALL MY PUMPKIN SPICE IS NICE brethren. Haters hit the bricks, I’m sure there’s something you should be doing anyway.

As always, I will be throwing my two cents in on each product by assigning it a grade.

First up, Pepperidge Farm Pumpkin Swirl Bread

Don't let the pumpkin graphics fool you.

This practically jumped into my shopping cart, I mean really.  Bread + Cinnamon + Pumpkin all for 80 Calories a slice? Sign me up!!!

I got this home and scarfed down a toasted slice instantly. I ate it with butter, this bread is flavored and therefore supposed to stand on its own as far as I’m concerned. It’s good but it suffers a classic pumpkin flavored pastry problem, I couldn’t really taste the gourd. That said, it’s still a good fall-cinnamony bread and a caloric steal! I give it a B-

To counteract the disappointing Pumpkin Swirl Bread for Pepperidge Farm I went and grabbed a pumpkin walnut crunch bagel at Einstein Brothers. Thankfully, they actually put pumpkin in the batter and you see it in the color and taste the pumpkin in the finished product.

Oh lerd, I am drowning in drool!

In a word? Breathtaking. In a blasphemous sentence? I could create a religious cult devoted to this delicious creation.

I give it an A+

I also give L4L an A++++ for finding it on the menu first and suggesting it.

And finally, some homework:


Do you have the chops?

It’s an actual pumpkin pie crumbled up and put into a brownie. Yes and please!

Pumpkin Pie Brownies


– 2 boxes Duncan Hines Fudge Brownie mix

– 2 sticks of butter, melted

– 4 eggs

– 1 pre-made, frozen pumpkin pie


1. Remove frozen pie from pie tin and set it on the counter to thaw for 20 minutes.

2. Preheat the oven to 325 degrees F. Grease and flour a 9×13 pan. (Lining it with non-stick foil works, too).

3. Combine brownie mix, melted butter and eggs in the biggest bowl you own until incorporated.

4. Chop the pie into 3/4 inch pieces. (You may have to put some elbow grease into it to get the job done.)

5. Fold the pie chunks into the brownie mix and spread into prepared pan. Smooth down with spatula.

6. Bake for 50 to 55 minutes until the edges are set and the middle is only a little soft to the touch.  (I baked the brownies for another 20 minutes before I was happy with their “done-ness.”)

7. Let them cool completely; they will fall apart if you try to cut them while they are still hot.

Until later:  Happy PUMPKIN-ING!

pumpkin pie brownies via foodbeast

Adorable Plush Old-timey strongman photo courtesy of the AMAZING www.plushroomsoup.com


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