Masterpieces of Pooping Art.

Just Take in the Beauty.

Look, I’m a well-documented Art Geek. I have an unquenchable thirst for low-brow and kitschy art that can’t be contained. One of my favorite galleries to patronize is La Luz de Jesus . La Luz and I go way back and from time to time I’m invited to their Artist receptions. Of course, because I live in Texas and don’t have solid-gold underwear, I skip them.

Today I’m REGRETTING THAT MISTAKE. Back in late July, La Luz sent yours truly an email previewing the Jose Rodolpho Loaiza Ontiveros pieces for Disenchanted. 

Months passed and then I found this lil’ gem showcasing some of the art from the collection I passed on perusing for purchase. I’m beside myself…

Why? Because if I had actually taken the time to look through all the works, I would have seen the greatest piece of artwork ever. But I missed it. I FLUSHED MY CHANCE DOWN THE TOILET!

If only I had read that silly email and RSVP’d YES!

I would have been the PROUD OWNER OF THE THRONE! Behold!

Tears of Regret are streaming down my cheeks.

I know my lovelies, you too are speechless from looking at this exquisite lunchtime appropriate classic masterpiece of pooping! This could have been mine!!!!!!


This is the most bowel moving piece of crap art the world will ever know. By exposing you to it, I have enriched your lives.

Speaking of horrible wonderful  things that I’ll never have an opportunity to possess…Here’s a hilarious list of OLD DEADLY REAL Toys, these things actually existed at one point! Talk about a present from Satan Claus(crowd groans.)

the 8 Most Wildly Irresponsible Vintage Toys!

This one is #7 on the list!

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