Michael Winslow will blow your mind.

Fan Art is what makes the world go round.

Good Morning my lovelies! ‘Tis a chilly 55 degrees here on this fine Fall morning. Angry Baby is snug in her pink skeleton long-sleeved shirt/pants combo and I am slurping down a homemade Pumpkin Spice Latte. I’m telling you, It feels like a driving to college in New England movie montage around here. Refreshing!

I guess now is as good as any time to tell you that  I have been holding out on you. Didn’t mean to, just did. My bad.

This past Friday night, Baby Bro rolled into town to help us with the 1st year Angry Birthday Party prep. But that’s not what I’m holding out on you…I’ve been hoggin’ the AWESOME Netflix gem he and I discovered at 11:30pm in the evening, Long after Angry Baby and L4L peaced out for snoozetime.

How many of you remember Michael Winslow, star of the Police Academy series and Spaceballs? None of you? What if I reminded you that Michael Winslow was “that sound effect dude.”

Bingo! Now I see the lightbulbs going off…

Well turns out YEARS ago, Mr. Winslow did a STAND-UP COMEDY CONCERT MOVIE, Michael Winslow: Live! Of course, I had to watch it. Don’t worry, Baby Bro was just as jazzed.

Sadly, his jokes are terrible. But his mouth more than makes up for it (getyourmindoutofthegutter.)

He opens the show with a JAW-DROPPING Jimi Hendrix tribute. It’s so incredible that it makes the horrible stand-up almost worth it!

I meant to write it up and post a clip of the incredible feat for you Saturday morning, but the hectic activities of the weekend, left my memory mush and I forgot. Whoopsie.

Then I got on reddit this morning, and was reminded of Michael Winslow once again…looks like he’s back to show the world that he is still breathing a thing or two about mouth manipulation in a new viral vid where he rocks out the LED ZEP. I haven’t watched that video yet, as I was immediately reminded that I betrayed you, my beloved readers by bogarting the Michael Winslow GOLD!

Back in his Police Academy Days. (RIP Tackleberry)

So without further adieu, from last Friday’s late-night Netflix trolling for AWESOME at Angry Baby Manor, I give you: Michael Winslow’s AMAZING MOUTH as Jimmy Hendrix!!!!!

And now, let’s watch him do WHOLE LOTTA LOVE! Real talk: I could sit here and watch Michael Winslow clips all freaking day. But I can’t.

Have a wicked-awesome Wednesday My babies, speaking of this is the mug I’m getting my PSL drank on in:

Swig in Style!

Awwww Yeah, Baddie to the CORE!

And just because I can’t help myself:

Amazing Michael Winslow Spaceballs tribute painting courtesy of BriskArt

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