Now THIS is how you quit a job!!!


Meet Joey. Joey worked at the Renaissance Hotel in Providence, RI for over 3 years. During his tenure with the establishment, Joey says management treated him and his fellow employees like they were dog turds covered in monkey feces on a pile of horse dung. After reaching his limit he decided to chuck the deuce at the Renaissance Providence and peaced out. With a marching band. Classic.



Of course, money doesn’t grow like fleas, so as much as you might want to follow suit and book your local marching band for a Monday morning Quit-Down, you can’t.

But don’t be bummed out my beautiful babies, I’ll be right here waiting for you, much like the creepy sexy Richard Marx. You see, there’s over 600 posts here at sure, some of them suck, but there’s plenty of comedy pearls in there for you to string together for some excellent time-wasting. The good thing about laffs? Instant micro-vacation from the salt mines job.

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