Angry Birthday Party

Happy Little Sweetie!

Today from 11:00am-1:00pm if you felt a shiver up your spine, it’s because we threw Angry Baby her first birthday party and it was a SCREAMING success. Angry Baby is cutting 3 molars, running a slight fever and runny nose, so we made it a simple family affair. I couldn’t risk unleashing her on innocent victims her play group friends. (Don’t worry we’re all gonna celebrate at next week’s play date!)

Because I’m a realist, I expected the worst. and found myself cheerfully surprised. For starters, it was the most beautiful and perfect fall day, Texas only gets about 10 perfect days of fall weather like this. It was cool, breezy and the dappled sunlight diffused through the trees made for an extra touch of incredible.

I’m not a flippin’ moron, so I chose to have the party at a nearby park. Why? because I didn’t feel like cleaning cake and tears of the riteous, off of every surface in my house. I’m also no Tony Martha Stewart, so I had everything catered by Rudy’s BBQ, I mean it is Texas afterall!

Armed with party wares, delicious food, presents and balloons we descended upon the secluded pavilion and had the whole park practically to ourselves in the glorious Autumn morning. While her actual birthday takes place tomorrow, today we celebrated as a family. She was pretty sweet until right after cake time. The rush of sugar mixed with constant flow of adoration left her crispy with exhaustion and baby bliss. After she was hosed off, Angry Baby came out in full force and threatened to have a complete meltdown. After a quick sabbatical pulling grass of the manicured lawns, she was calm enough to pack up with the rest of the loot  and skeedadle. For a total of 2 hours, we enjoyed the outdoors and an almost happy Angry Baby.

As for now? The presents are strewn about my living room and she’s happily batting at a balloon bouquet. Me? I’m freaking pooped. Apparently, even the most informal, small-scale children’s birthday parties are more exhausting than running a marathon is a sweat suit made of brass.

What I’m trying to say is, I’m tired y’all. And thanks to the fridge filled with leftover cake and BBQ, I’m not doing anything other than loafin’ around and stuffin’ my face with the finest of animal haunches. See, I’ve got to rest up for tomorrow. The 3 of us have a super fancy wedding to attend tomorrow. With Dinner and Dancing to follow. Cross your hearts, fingers, toes and eyes, let’s all hope that Angry Baby doesn’t ruin the bride’s big day. Y’all know how much she just loves being quiet and dressed up in a monkey suit. Wish me lucky, Imma need it!

Until tomorrow my darling readers! In the meantime, enjoy some photos from the PAR-TAY!

To life, love and yelling!!!!  A whole lot of yelling.

Complete concentration is required!

Check out my sister photobombing Angry Baby!

Awww Yeah!


We did not paint the moustache 100% Angry Baby Original.

Couldn't have painted a prettier day!

Look out fellas, she's about to BLOW!

(the last pic was taken after she was cleaned up and changed. This was the beginning of the meltdown.)


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