Fred Durst to get a sitcom = the apocalypse jokes, they write themselves.

Free appetite suppressant, you're welcome.

CBS, in addition to being run by “Mr. Julie Chen,” aka Les Moonves, it is the home to a coupla staples at Angry Baby Manor, classic television such as The Big Bang Theory, and the summer schlock-fest that I can’t tear my eyes from: Big Brother. You’d think ol’ Les would call it a day and pat himself on the back for creating a programming block that youths and pepaws alike can enjoy. But no.

Les is fashioning the GREATEST NETWORK IN THE WORLD!!!!! Don’t believe me? Here’s your proof: Fred Durst, from the classic rock band, Limp Bizkit just got a sitcom deal with CBS!

Deadline Hollywood reports:

Durst has signed his first ever TV deal with CBS and CBS TV Studios…for a half-hour comedy project, which he will star in and produce. The untitled comedy, sometimes referred to as Douchebag, has received a script commitment. It centers around a rock legend looking for balance  between his high  profile lifestyle and trying to raise a family.”

Thank you Mr. Julie Chen aka Les Moonves!!! By greenlighting a Fred Durst sitcom you truly have done the world a solid. You see, times are tuff all around these days and while things have gotten pretty bad for many Americans, CBS is here to remind us: hey, at least you’re not this dude!

By the way,  this is what Durst looks like now:

He did it all for the cookies.

Holy Hot Dog Flavored Water!* What in the HAIL happened to Fred Durst? The Truth: I thought this was a busted pic of Top Chef Head Judge Tom Colicchio.There’s a million “gay bear pewpaw jokes” I could rattle off right now…but frankly, it’s just too easy. Besides, I was taught to respect my elders.

CBS dug up Fred Durst of Limp Bizkit…wow. By the way, I love that the working title is DOUCHEBAG…they say it’s a sitcom but the title implies it’s a DOCUMENTARY! HEY-OOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!

Oh, pay me no never mind. I’m just a jealous, withered ol’ jealous snitch covered in a thick layer of jealous.

No deal for me, I’m CBS blacklisted for my OBSESSIVE LOVE OF MRS. LES MOONVES aka JULIE CHEN, CHENBOT if ya nasty! So here I will stay, forever your friend in time-wasting, and accomplice in work-avoidance.


Here’s a palate cleanser, a photo of the ROYAL COUPLE OF !!!

Money changes everything.

*Hot Dog flavored water was part of an actual Limp Bizkit Album Title.


Fred Durst to get a sitcom = the apocalypse jokes, they write themselves. — 3 Comments

  1. Maybe I’m getting old but I think the older Durst with the salt & pepper goatee is kinda hot? LOL I’ll tune in for the pilot of this sure to be disaster. I can still jam to some Bizkit. 🙂

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