Still Angry After all this Year.

Youth is fleeting.

Sunday at 9:20 am Angry Baby will have officially been on this big blue marble for one year. Over the next few days I’m going to reflect on things I’ve learned and want to get out there before I forget them in the whirl of the impending toddler terror that awaits me. I’m by no means an expert, but after this year in the meatgrinder beautiful meadow of parenting joy, I’m confident in my abilities and feel fairly comfortable in my knowledge of “what having a baby is all about.”

And just as I feel I’ve mastered the infant phase, it’s over. Something tells me that is the ultimate lesson of kidditry: The moment you know what you’re doing, the kid grows into an entirely different phase. Where, for the most part, you have to start from scratch learning through trial and error, always feeling like you’re cramming last-minute for a test no one has the answers for. To be a parent is to be perpetually behind and I’m cool with that.

Of course, like everything in the parenting world: these are my opinions and jokes, if your sense of humor died when your offsprings were sired, then fooey on you. Everyone else, take my advice with a grain of salt and know this: no two parenting experiences are the same.

But for now? I’ve got a moving, grooving, running(!) little girl who while she is no longer an infant, will forever be my ANGRY BABY. Why, she’s yelling at me right now! You see, I’m a wonderful personal jungle gym to my tiny lil’ daredevil and me being holed up behind a computer is no fun for her.

I bid you adieu for now, thanks to the miracle of technology(!) that is “scheduled publish,” you’ll be reading this about the same time I’m in the thick of terrorizing some restaurant with my little roving marauder. Hope those poor patrons like screaming for lunch!!!

Much like Halloween, anything can happen with Angry Baby in public!!!!!!!!!!!! Hit it Tim Curry!


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