Sharks on a Golf Course!

Holes in ALL

In a story tailor-made for TUES-THE-EXTREME DAY!!! The Queensland golf course, Carbrook Golf Club has a special feature on the 14th hole water hazard, that makes this place MY NEXT GOLFING DESTINATION!

They have LIVE BULLSHARKS LIVING IN THE WATER HAZARD! The twelve MAN EATING SHARKS happily flip around the shallow water trap and have for years since the course was flooded when a river broke its banks. That’s right, some years ago they were FLOODED with man-eating shark infested water. Now the killers terrorize stray balls.

I love Australia, it’s heaven for nefarious animals. Chances are if it can kill you, it lives in on the continent. Exotic snake whose poison murders you in 30 seconds? They got one. Tiny fish that stings you causing instant temporary seizures which in turn causes most victims to drown to death? They been havin’ them since before you thought to ask!

As a would-be supervillain heck-bent on world domination, you know I love this place. Matter of fact, Australia’s a famous Megalodon ground, and most likely in my humble speculation, still harbors them today.

So it makes sense that such a deadly place would have adorable BULL SHARKS in the water hazards of golf courses they do everything EXTREMELY AWESOME, mate.

Once I rediscover my beloved Megalodon and harness the creature for my own personal gain, I will spend my days playing on this very golf course.

Why? Because I’ll know just what to do with my opponents that tick me off. A friendly tip: If my future mad with power self invites you out for a round of golf on the Carbrook Golf Club, have your affairs in order.

Here’s some lady with a neat-o accent reporting all about these lovable flesh feasters…I really did have to watch this twice because I was so memorized by her vocal delivery and speech pattern that I didn’t pay attention to the story the first time!

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