Extremely Gross..whoops, I meant sexy.

Banana for breakfast again?

Happy Tues-the-Extreme Day! As usual, today is all about living life to the EXTREME! Today is the day where we go out all guns blazing, at whatever it is you love in life. No judging here, we’re just keepin’ it EXTREME.

The Patron Saint of Tues-the-Extreme Day!

 Today I feel like starting my day of with some SEXY!

Since L4L isn’t around to harass like a secretary in the 1960’s, I’m gonna haf to settle on some photos of KNOCKOUTS and their hairy racks of hot! What I’m trying to say here people, is THIS ONE’S ALL ABOUT CHEST RUGS!



Super, man.

Follow the Arrow

Rudy would approve.

His heart burns for you.

Ladies, I'm pretty sure he's still single.

Back of the Chestboard


And of course, this wouldn’t be a conversation about chest hair if I didn’t mention Nancy Grace and her glorious performance from last night’s Dancing with the Stars. Nancy bull-charged waltzed to the classic song, “Moon River.” Thus solidifying the second worst abomination towards Moon River (the first being when Audrey Hepburn’s bony throat croaked it out in the film Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

Watch the cat death spasms Screen Legend Sing the Song!!!

As I was saying, the ever GRACEful swan proved to the world that she’s more than just a pretty sneer, she’s an ethereal, floating pachyderm princess.

Here’s the precious footage of Paula Deen’s mean older brother Nancy showing us all some GRACE!

Shout out to the snitches in wardrobe, don’t think I didn’t catch your subtle joke in dressing her in light blue so that she looked just like a BLUE MOON while she danced to “Moon River!”  Out of this world, y’all!!!! (crowd groans)

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