Happy Birthday to the King of Grouchy Pepaws!


This is a very special Tues-the-Extreme day to behold! Today is the birthday of America’s “Angry Gramps,” Wilford Brimley. I’m going to just cut to the chase and say this…for a pepaw he’s still got the goods. The ladykillin’ goods.

Of course I know many of you have no idea who this national sex-symbol cultural Icon is…Let’s fix that NOW, shall we?

Here he is bullying some lil’ cutie into eating oatmeal.

Here’s his biggest “hit” side note, he’s pretty much the only living survivor of the “old folks” in this movie…HE’S A LIVING TREASURE!

Here’s a MESSED UP FACT: He turns 77 years old today…that means when this movie was released in 1985, WE WAS ONLY 51! That is a BUSTED 51 if you ask me! (Sorry Will!)

And think of this as my early Halloween Gift to you, a terrifying, bizarre horrific gift.

WARNING: Your entire HOLIDAY season will be ruined gilded with visions of Brimley’s “Dancing Sugar Plums”…ifn’ ya know what I mean. (sleazy wink)

Shout out to the weird soundtrack and terrifying sound effect to turn the page!

And just because I know some of you skanks out there reading this, loved the television show: Strangers with Candy I’m including this clip of Stephen Colbert as Wilford Brimley on an audio cassette tape called…well, I’ll let you listen for yourself. Strangers with Candy is one of the greatest television shows America didn’t watch at the time it was on (unlike some of us DIE-HARDS!) but caught on to its hilarity through DVD. AMY SEDARIS = COMEDIC GENIUS.

PS: It’s also Lil’ Wayne’s 29th birthday. Yeah, he’s a convicted felon who has more money than most of us will ever see in our lives and he’s not even 30. But look at the hater side of it: He’ll be living in a cardboard box before he’s 40!

Speaking of Haters…

Don’t be jealous of this PIMPED OUT trike. BIKE PEDAL POWER Y’ALL!!!!!!!!

PS: That horrible beautiful song in the background is a gem from Lil’ Wayne’s treasure trove of musical contributions, betcha can’t guess the title!?

Freaking awesome image of thug Brimley courtesy of our bros at turd ferguson blog

“Turd Ferguson, heh. It’s a funny name.” SNL Forever!!!


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