Oy Vey.


I have returned and soon will tell the tale of yesterday’s comedy of errors aka my”Brilliant Idea.”

As a refresher to those of you who were too busy watching Judge Judy listening to NPR to catch  Friday’s post explaining my insane scheme: Here’s the gist, I thought it would be swell to throw Angry baby in the car for 12 hours (in one day) and make her attend a wedding smack dab in ‘da middle of the 12 hours of pure torture power.

Ladies and gentlemen, I will disclose all and break wind down the entire fiasco winning, win time! Tomorrow.

Just  to wet your whistles, here’s the title…

 “BULLET TRAIN TO HECK Fall 2011 Edition: Who Farted? ”

In the meantime, I’m taking it easy and sleazy, it’s all about watching television, playing with Angry Baby (once she’s talking to us again) and taking it sloooow. Real talk: I’m so exhausted from yesterday’s foolery that I’m moving around just like this dude…Side Note: He’s freaking AMAZING!

True Story: Lover fo’ Life woke me up this morning by urging me to check this dude’s dub-steppin’ out. Maybe it was the sheer lunacy of his request, but I scraped myself outta the bed and watched it immediately. You’d swear the thing is edited, but it appears to be legit. I wish I had his muscle control. Nah,  forget incredible muscle control, I’d like incredible MIND control. BOW DOWN TO ME YOUR MIND RULER! Fear not my lovelies, I’ll be a malevolent mind-controller. What I guess I’m trying to say is: I’m incredibly exhausted. I feel like Radiohead’s Thom Yorke looks.

ARREST THIS MAN!!! (for being reaaaaaaally tired and sad.)


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