And we’re off.

Today's gonna be a real nail biter.

As I type these words, my dear faithful readers, you are no doubt slumbering.

It’s 4:15am.

Everyone is present and accounted for here, Sister and soon to be Brother in law are settled in my “Mom Mobile,” aka WHITE LIGHTNING! Angry Baby is on her way to being lulled back to sleep by the moving vehicle, and I’m finishing up this post, so we get on the road on time.

I’ll need all of your well wishes and positive energy, if at any point the mission seems to be going down in flames, we will stop and stay the night at a hotel. I may be insane to attempt this feat, but I’m not crazy.

Of course, it has to be said, if we are willing to attempt and go to all of these lengths in order to NOT have to have the child sleep away from her crib of choice…you can only imagine how much she loves(!) sleeping away from home.

Unlike her mother, she can’t stand waking up in strange places. Seems the skank gene has skipped her.

After I get home, pass out and recoup from my insane tour of Texas, I will pour the entire ordeal awesome adventure into a post. No doubt filled with the comedy gold that always ensues when we take Angry Baby…anywhere.

Speaking of “comedy gold” you’ve really gotta take a look at this fool *

*Thanks to everyone who sent the clip in yesterday!!

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