Sayonara Summer. Hello Freddie Mercury…er, Fall.

Get it Gurl!

Ahhh, feel that my babies? That is the chill of cool air soon on its way to a doorstep near you. Tomorrow is the FIRST DAY OF FALL Y’ALL, sweet destiny!

This summer has been the longest and hottest for Texas in recorded history. To say I’m elated to bid  farewell to this death-march into Hades is an understatement. Today, we say goodbye to watermelon, swimming pools and Capri pants and say hello to: Apples, PUMPKIN, and Capri pants. Because it’s Texas after all, and it’ll be summer-like until mid-October at the very least.

But we can dream. Tomorrow the calendar ends Summer, if only in our hearts.

With the new season, comes  new celebrations. I’m going to celebrate the season tomorrow by drinking a HOMEMADE PUMPKIN SPICE Latte on my back patio and watching the sunrise with Angry Baby, who will be out for a morning crawl in the dew.

But that’s tomorrow. Today is all about symbolically saying goodbye to the summer. Be it through the homemade watermelon aquas frescas I’m finna make, or the “BURN IN HAIL SUMMER 2011” tattoo Angry Baby is quietly considering.  She hates being hot.

Good riddance scorching heat and hurricane season (fingers crossed!)

Tomorrow we fall in love with the fall, folks! Speaking of falling in love, (horrible segue and it stays)

Get ready to meet the second coming of Freddie Mercury. Ok, there’s only one Freddie Mercury (RIP). In my always humble opinion, Mercury was and is the greatest lead singer of all time. He was a classically trained musician who had vocal chords of solid gold. The beauty, power and versatility of his voice combined with his incredible showmanship will never be matched. That being said…

Meet Marc Martel.

Marc is auditioning for “Queen Extravaganza,” a 40th Queen Anniversary Tour, with existing members of Queen. Dude needs to win.

Two things…

1. He isn’t belting it out like Freddie would, but he’s still got the chops!

2. I love that he’s not doing an impersonation, he’s somehow making it his own.

Please let this guy win.

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