Holy Crap, this is an OIL PAINTING!

This shiz is real, y'all.

I’m gonna blow your mind this morning (getyourmindoutofthegutter!)

The painting you are looking at, yes…the OIL PAINTING you’re staring at rite now was just voted the “Best Painting,” by the public visiting the London National Portrait Gallery.

The painting, (YES IT’S A PAINTING NOT A PHOTO) is a work from artist jan mikulka piece titled Jakub is a portrait of Czech filmmaker, Jakub Wagner and according to Mikulka, is supposed to  “Capture his sensitive nature at a short distance.”

Yep, I can see that. Dude looks sensitive. Actually, he reminds me of our tiny chihuahua aka son with a perma-fur coat, El Rey.

El Rey is the quietest smallest timidest dog you’ve ever seen. Actually, I call him Dobby the house elf because he’s less dog and more interesting creature. I call El Rey a lot of things, matter of fact L4L and I decided one day to write down all the nicknames we had for him, we stopped after 58. I could go on and on about El Rey and the alter-egos I have given him, the elaborate Eastern European (with just a hint of Stewie Griffin) accent I speak with when I’m making him “talk.” Oh yes,  I pretend he talks. 

Back to the art.

The piece was part of an exhibition that has now closed, and while the hoity toity bankers from Mary Poppins judges didn’t recognize the genius of this piece, it did win the public’s favorite.

As usual, people know what is good. The “experts” are just snobs who spend waaaaay too much time tearing beauty down, where as artists actually make beauty.

Speaking of beauty, it’s a glorious TUES-the-EXTREME Day! And in the spirit of LIVING AND LOVING LIFE to the EXTREME, I’ve decided to include an additional piece of art. Get ready America, it’s EXTREMELY BEAUTIFUL!  Or at least BOOTY-FULL (crowd groans and begins to throw tomatoes.)


9/14/11 Never Forget.

LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL! Let’s make this a TUES-the-EXTREME day to remember, my darlings! look at it this way, at least it’s not MONDAY! (Unless for you, it is.)

I dedicate the following, “start the day off song,” to Baby Bro.  Who not only has shown MAD LOVE for www.grouchymuffin.com by sharing his favorite posts with his fans, but he also…

1. Broke the news of the Scarlett Johansson “butt shot” photo to me. At 6:00am in the morning on 9/14/11.

2. He’s obsessed with the band, “The Band.” 


Your Pal,

The Crib Keeper

True Story: My workout of choice is swimming, I’ve been known to swim for 2 hours non-stop. Because I have the attention span of a gnat and get bored easily, I rely on my trusty waterproof MP3 player. This song is at the top of my playlist. It’s the perfect tune to ease into the water and stretch to…I know you didn’t care about that but… My site my rules, freedom of speech!



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  1. holy frijoles! that painting is insane. dude’s hair is so life like you can almost see the ‘big sexy’ product logo on his folicle!

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