Music Enthusiasts of the World, Rejoice!

Look at you, sitting there, wondering how best to “tune up” for the day.  While some of you out there are about to pop an old school cd in your discman, I imagine a few of ya (Lover fo’ Life) are about to log into your Pandora account and enjoy a day of randomly selected perfect songs to get you through your toiling. For those of you unacquainted with Pandora, get up to speed and read all about it here.

Meet Casey Pugh

This past weekend, Casey participated in a hackday* and invented a new technology he’s calling the “Music Video Genome.”

Here’s what Casey had to say about his invention…

“It’s essentially Pandora for music videos (or a personalized MTV).  …the final result ended up being something I’m really enjoying.”

Basically, you type in an artist and push play. The program selects various music videos based on traits in the videos you willingly watch. Don’t like a video? Press skip and you are instantly given a video by the artist you originally selected and they random goodness rolls on (until you skip something again.)

I know how buggy new stuff can be, so I checked it out myself, in the interest of science, of course!

The Crib Keeper’s Test:!/the_beastie_boys

I typed in “The Beastie Boys,” it immediately started playing the classic vid for “intergalactic”, which led to Run DMC’s “Rock Box” (obviously the Rick Rubin connection at play.) Then they hit me with Public Enemy “Don’t Believe the Hype,” and a surprise Beck’s “E-Pro.” I decided my “test grooving” was so GROOVIN’, that I continued to listen…I’m still grooving as I type this. Flippin’ sweet!

A gentle warning: Just like Pandora, this baby will lure you in and hold your attention forever!! Click below to check out Casey Pugh’s gift to the world!!!!

The only drawback is songs that don’t have a music video available, are static screened vids, you still get the music though!

So get out there this morning, rock it out and enjoy a steaming fresh technological wonder, courtesy of  Casey Pugh.

And me. Because I introduced you to it afterall…I’m such a selfless giver!

– The Crib Keeper

Giving the Gift of Music to the World.

*For Your Information: “hack day” is where people get 24 hours to start and finish a video based project. At the end of the 24 hours participants demo their speed hacks.

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