Post By Mad Dad: Guess Who’s Having A Birthday?!?


True story.

I’m a sophomore in a small east Texas high school. Standing in the lunch line. Minding my own business.

A kid named Mark is in front of me. I “know” Mark, but I am hardly friends with Mark.

He turns around.

“Do you want to see God?” he asks.


He reaches into his back pocket, pulls out a leather tri-fold wallet, opens it and enclosed in the plastic sleeve where a photo of a loved one or girlfriend is typically found is Megadeth guitarist, lead singer and songwriter Dave Mustaine.

I eye the peculiar photo. Look into Mark’s eyes. He stares back, smirks, closes his wallet, turns around and doesn’t say another word.

This was one of the top 10 most bizarre moments of my life. I’ll never forget it as long as I live.

Mustaine is 50 today.

Rust in peace, Mark.

-Mad Dad

Crib Keeper’s Note: While scraping the bottom of the barrel mining for “Dave Mustaine birthday” gold, I came across this EXTREME waste of time. It’s video from Mustaine’s birthday party circa 1990. I thought, “Ohh, I’ll get to see some foxes partying it up nineties-style!” I was sorely mistaken.

Instead, the following is 7 minutes of footage from the party you threw your Nana in 1990. Cheap streamers, awkward gestures of affection, horrific cake and all.

(Special treat: he opens a BART SIMPSON TEE SHIRT at the end!)

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