Peace out Angry Baby, Again.

Take Two.

Last Friday, I explained I was going to enjoy a much-needed day off from Angry Baby (see post: It’s not me, It’s you.)

Here’s a quick “update”

The never-ending Pasta Bowl was served by the creepiest waiters, yes there were two of them. Even though we had 2 waiters, Jem and I were too busy getting shamelessly hit on by one of them, and the other dude could be summed up best as, Chumlee from Pawn Stars.” Even though sir Swagger gave us each a free slice of Pumpkin Cheesecake, the lunch was infuriating slow and bizarre.

Geez Crib Keeper, musta been bad if FREE PUMPKIN CHEESECAKE still left a sour taste in your pasta bowl?!

It was.

Because of the nitwit show at Olive Garden, I was running late to Happy Hour with Pretty in Pinot, and only had my problem compounded by maddening downtown Labor Day Weekend Friday traffic, I showed up 30 minutes late to a 2-hour happy hour.

Ever the good sport (she lives downtown, after all,) Pretty in Pinot had a prime spot saved for me and when I arrived, she had the waitress immediately take my order. 1.5 hours and 5 sakes later. Life was pretty freaking awesome.

Lover fo’ Life was waiting for me…I got in my Mom mobile that I’ve named  “White Lightning”

He says, “Did you have a good time?

A fabulous time, life is good.

“Mom wasn’t home ready for the Baby yet.”

I notice Angry Baby grunting in her car seat. Her grunts turn to cries the moment our eyes lock.

For the next 3 miles, she filled the cavernous back of “White Lightning,” with her furious yells and pleas for, you guessed it…


At a stoplight, I decided to jump out of my seat and crawl back to sit with the angry little monkey.

For the next 15 miles in traffic: I sat with, tended to and entertained Angry Baby. She was throughly cheerful by the time we dropped her off at Granny’s.

And then, once AB was dropped off it was time for our BIG NIGHT OUT.

Truth be told, after the previous week’s baby torture tour our kid had us on, we were exhausted.

Rather than go out to dinner, we picked up greasy hockey pucks from a drive-thru. We wanted as little time between us and the bed. The faster the food, the faster to snooze.

Knocking off any plans out to sleep, may sound like a dating disaster to you, but 3 uninterrupted hours without yelling, was heaven.

And Now…the sequel to last friday…This Friday!

It’s take two.

Lover fo’ Life is watching Angry Baby (upon his insistence!) and I’m hitting the town with Jojo and FabBab…we’re celebrating.

This evening’s night out starts with a late afternoon pedicure complete with complementary wine (don’t worry, Jojo is our DD.) Though seeing as all booze except beer (weird!) makes me a sweaty mess, I’ll probably skip the wine with my foot scrubbing, too.

Then dinner out. Where will we go? What kind of shenanigans will the three of us get into?

I’ll tell you this, the last time we were out on the town together sans kids and husbands…we closed down a bar. The incriminating photos hang proudly on all of our walls.

Double shout out to L4L for insisting I go and enjoy myself. also, much love to Angry Baby, who’s been solid gold awesome so far! Keep it up for Papa Bear Baby!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm being rad today, CHUMPS!

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