Thanking me was a HUGE mistake.

Lover fo’ Life and I are almost a week away from celebrating our 7th wedding anniversary. This past weekend, I couldn’t resist, and purchased his anniversary present, a Nook e-reader with case. I’m such an awesome, generous, humble, wife.

Because L4L is a wizard with all things technological, within an hour of having the Nook in his hands, he’d already wiped it, re-installed a ton of cool software, and essentially modified it into a tablet computer that runs all of his Droid phone apps. It’s pretty incredible.

The past few days, he’s been enthralled with his new toy and I have quietly let him be while he learns and geeks out over his gift.

And then last night, he did the strangest thing, he thanked me.

No, not for the Nook, he had already thanked me prior…it’s what he thanked me for I found so bizarre.

“Thank you for not giving it a name.”

Huh? What are you talking about?

“A name, you know like, Nook-olas Cage? You love to name things.”

Ah yes, my affinity for naming things, something that annoys my beloved and has since we were first dating, almost ten years ago…

I’ll cook something once, and before I’m done with it, I’ll have already named it. Every car I’ve driven has had not only a name, but a personality. I give nicknames to people I love and people I love to torture, it’s kind of my thing.

Everything has a name, and 90% of the time, he’s down like a clown…

He dubbed his flip flops “Nelson Sandellas” when he is looking for them he asks: “Have you seen my Nelsons?”

But apparently, he isn’t feeling the nickname love for his Nook. So much so that he thanked me sincerely for not naming it, “Nook-olas Cage.”

I must admit, “Nook-olas Cage” is comedy gold.

As if I could have even come up with a moniker so clever!? I’m the idiot who named her Rav-4 (back in the day) “Ravi Shankar.”

Had Lover fo’ Life not said a word, he would have been in the clear. However, by essentially begging me to annoy him by thanking me for not annoying him, he awoke a sleeping giant (jerk) that is your beautiful heroine, the Crib Keeper.

For the first time since joining our family on Saturday I’d like to introduce you to the 7th anniversary commemorative color Nook I gifted to my loverman…


Yes,  the very Nook, that I was profusely thanked for not naming, is now named.

You see, until L4L thanked me for not naming his Nook, I hadn’t even considered naming the device. And now, (forever) it will be referred to by me as SNOOKI!!!!!!!

Even Snooki (the lovable street muppet, not the Nook) knows not to thank a bully…it can only end badly.


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