It’s My BABY BROTHER’S BIRTHDAY Y’ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Happy Saturday everyone! While I usually take the weekends off at this clap-trap hobo parlor of a website, I had to take a moment to wish my brother (name withheld) a wonderful birthday!

What’s a sibling with a mean streak like mine to do for my dear, sweet baby brother on his special day? Why Post embarrassing photos from his youth, of course!

Fun Fact About The Birthday boy: Baby Bro is fluent in Spanish….

He hates cilantro, like Johnny Depp hates showering…

He released a Folk/Americana Album and plays festivals and shows all over Texas…

Baby bro is squeamish, the mere discussion of blood, injury or gore makes him squeal and turn green…

He was the member of a professional Symphony at the age of 14, he’s one of the most incredible trumpet players in the world.

He once was a cheerleader…I’m not kidding, here’s photographic proof!

He has always KNOWN I’m the coolest Big Sis in the woooooooooooorld!

And Most importantly, MY MOTHER MADE HIM TAKE TWIRLING CLASSES WITH MY SISTER AND I!!!!!!!!! Without further Adieu, ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls I present to you: The first and ONLY Male member of the 1989 Rosettes Twirling Team…the BIRTHDAY BOY HIMSELF…..

Happy Birthday Weenie Boy, I know “birthdays aren’t your thing man.” Because you’re a cool dude. But everyone here at Angry Baby Manor sincerely wishes you a wonderful day!!!!  Much love to you Baby Bro.


The Crib Keeper

Why, I even baked a cake for you in your non-native language…true story, the person who ordered this cake they requested: “happy birthday written in english.” Only they ordered in Spanish, so the cake decorator was confused and did this instead…

Happy Birthday, English.


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