The most horrible song in the world.

Pretty sure this is Child Abuse.

So apparently someone in Insane Clown Posse has some incriminating photos of Jack White, or something equally damaging on him. The reason I say this is, Jack White’s private record label, third man records, is releasing an Insane Clown Posse song, produced by none other than, the blackmail victim Jack White.

If you’re going for random and completely mismatched sensibilities, bravo, Mr. White. My guess is you need to quit huffing the paint thinner caviar, or whatever it is you rich weirdos do to get your jollies.

I get it Jack, The White Stripes were too big and you had to cut its head off as if it were a Gorgon. Then you went and gussied up some national treasures like, Loretta Lynn, and finally formed even hipper bands.

Listen Bro, you’re playing the pretentious rock god to the hilt. Why go and muck it up by fooling around with vermin like Insane Clown Posse? Is the weed they sell you that good?

Wait, don’t answer that, I’ve heard the song, I already know the answer MUST BE, “yes.”

It’s a song rapped over an obscure Mozart piece about something nasty. Yes, Mozart actually composed it.

So for those of you keeping score, Jack White, ICP and Mozart, all together in one massive turd burrito.

Here’s the entire hot n fresh MESS track for you to hear… of course the naughty language and horrible music make it NSFW…so listen to it quietly if the boss is around. Warning: it’s disgusting. My ears didn’t deserve this. Your ears on the other hand, might deserve it, best punish them for preventative measure.

Dear Jack White,

I’m gonna need you to:

1. Stop wearing eyeliner.

2. Eat more iron.

3. Get back to doing what you do best, making kickazz music.

Must I remind you that you are the dude who gave the world the White Stripes (RIP) Album Elephant? You are capable of so much more than this.

Love (for now),

The Crib Keeper

And just because this post is all about ridiculous music that makes no sense, here’s the unintentionally HILARIOUS Insane Clown Posse song, “Miracles.”


And finally, as a palate cleanser, here’s a reminder of Jack White’s wasted potential.


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  1. I think White is pushing the envelope to see what it will take for his apologist sycophants to actually NOT like something he does. Even he’s sick of how people jump at his every movement. He hasn’t done anything worthwhile since he beat the snot out of the lead singer of The Von Bondies.

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