Once Again, it’s BLOG O’ THE WEEK TIME!

Check it up, Chumps!

Welcome back students! It’s been quite awhile since Professor has given you a glorious gem to google (pointless alliteration and it stays.) But this week class is BACK IN SESSION!

Look, I don’t want to just crank out crap blog o’ the week suggestions, I only post BOTW when: 1. I stumble upon a blog I lurve 2. Someone recommends a blog to me (and I’ve verified its awesomeness, of course!)

This week, I’m recommending a blog by a father, free-thinker and friend.

A wonderful pal of mine just moved with his wife and daughter to his wife’s homeland, Germany. He’s decided to document the entire transition from Portland to the lush life amongst the German countryside. Lucky Jerk. Actually, it’s not luck, it’s the culmination of a can-do spirit and being up for adventure.

The blog is in its early posts, but I am hanging on every word. You could say I’m vicariously living his adventure through my eye-holes.

So if you’re interested in reading some real talk from a papa bear newly dropped off in the Black Forest (lame German Joke and it stays,) take a look-see.


Do you lurve or have a blog that is “Blog o’ the Week worthy?” Send it in and I’ll check it up!!!

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