Mombie the Zombie.

Must. Drink. Coffee.

Angry Baby was a real pill yesterday. It was almost as if she were an infant again. After I held her upside down to verify she wasn’t cutting a molar (that’s the only way she’ll open her mouth fully on command,) I just chucked it up to one of “those days.” Parents and witnesses of children know exactly what I mean.

Today, she is sweet as can be and adorable. As long as I stay in eye-sight.

I’m so exhausted, I’m thisclose to snorting Folger’s Flavor Crystals HEEEEEYYYY-OOOOOOO!!!!!!!!! (crowd throws rotten produce)

Speaking of Zombies, here’s an adorable short film all about a zombie.

Try to ignore that this particular zombie walk sequence starts out very realistic in gait, but quickly morphs into an inconsistent normal stroll. I’m a stickler for continuity in internet shorts. That’s just me.

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