Dudes: this video will instantly turn you fancy. Ladies: You’re Welcome.

The Fancy One is the straightest looking dude here.

Oooo-Eeeeeee It’s hot as blue blazes out there!

For those of you living under a rock, it’s hot in Texas, Y’all. This weekend It’s forecast to be 108 Degrees without the oppressive humidity factored in. I’m telling you what people, Lover fo’ Life, Angry Baby and I are staying cool inside all weekend. True Story: Angry Baby likes our house le brrrrrrrrrr! She hates being hot for even a second…just like her momma AKA senorita Sweatstache.

I’m catching up on some projects (AKA the Mount Everest of laundry) and clearing off the DVR by catching up on some movies and old TV shows. For all of my fellow Big Brother watchers, I will be posting about this week o’ twists and turns on the show…this weekend. Best not to spoil it for anyone who hasn’t watched last night’s episode yet!

I’ve got a lemon ice box pie that just finished chilling and a quiet, relaxing, weekend of keepin’ it cool ahead of me.

Of Course, I will be glued to my television set for all of my dear friends on the east coast, living in Texas, I’m well-accustomed to the sting of a hurricane’s slap.  They aren’t fun and even when they are lower category, a hurricane is serious business.

I would especially like to send a shout out to my Aunt, Snark in the City, who lives in the heart of it all in Manhattan. Hang in there girl, you got this! Stay cool, oh cool one!

Real talk: my Aunt is where I inherited my inner fancy lad magnet. She has always been a favorite of the gays, as have I…due to the fact I’m pretty much a drag queen without the junk…she, on the other hand is a former ballerina and lives in the greatest city in the world.

New York City, a town that has weathered so much, and near the 10th anniversary of 9/11 they face at the very least, a real pain in the bagel of a weekend, as they just announced mandatory evacuations and Mayor Bloomberg is shutting down the subways. read about it here

So to my favorite Skank  Aunt, who I wouldn’t count out at any fleet week… I say, “keep cool and calm and check your email!!!!!!!!!!!!”

To everyone else, especially to my fellow sweaty ladies and HOT BOIZ, cool down with some ice cream on this SCORCHING Friday(!) afternoon. Warning the following video is 10 shades of wrong, delicious and suggestive. You see a brief peek o’ some buttcheeks, FYI.

You’re welcome!!!!

Get out there and lick the heat THIS WEEKEND like an ice cream cone!

Stay safe NYC!!!!!!!!!!


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