Things that make my morning: Angry Baby at Play(group)

Yellin' counts as playin'...right?

Today is a day of celebration and Maccaroni. I’m taking Angry Baby to her weekly playgroup and my weekly therapy session with a crew of incredible women who happen to also be Momgyvers.

I’m super jazzed to see everyone and can’t wait to watch Angry Baby actually PLAY! Of course, nothing is guaranteed with this kid. But let’s just assume she’s gonna be solid gold awesome and adorable. Either way, I’ll keep you posted!

Ladytalkin’ + Babytalkin’ + hahas + yum yum num nums+ temper tantrums = I wanna go!!!!!!!!!

Love or hate this snitch, you gotta admit they did a good job knocking the busted off of Brit in this video!!!

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