After School Special: First Day.

The Crib Keeper on her first day of pre-school. What a winning sneer.

On occasion, I stop the yuk yuks on the laugh train that is and take it down to mellow. Be it serious or sappy, I call these posts “After School Specials,” and this is one of them. It’s straight from the Crib Keeper’s vault aka my heart.

First Day.

Yesterday was the first day of school for many of my pals’ kiddos. As I scrolled through the adorable photos and excited faces, I couldn’t help but think about the parents.

How did the mothers and fathers champ through it? Were there many tears? Did they beam pride as they watched their little sparrows fly from the nest? Or did they barely come to a stop as they pushed junior out at the High School?

I felt a phantom twinge of pain in the pit of my heart, it was as if the joy and sorrow of the morning were staring me directly in the eye with a rueful gaze that said: “You’re next. In 4 years, your heart is as good as ripped.”

The truth is, starting school is a rite of passage that while bittersweet, is a milestone to celebrate.

I think of my friend who is a single mother. Her son started kindergarten yesterday, as she wiped away tears of pride, I wonder if she gave herself the huge pat on the back she deserved? This woman, all by herself has raised, supported and loved her little man and now he starts the journey to being a fully educated, upstanding member of society.

She probably didn’t, single mom’s are selfless that way.

I also find my thoughts drifting to another mother, whose oldest daughter started school yesterday. A few weeks ago, this family opened their home to 2 additional children (foster kiddos: one toddler and a NEWBORN.) By welcoming these new siblings with open arms, this little girl has already expressed one of the greatest acts of love another can do. What kind of amazing things will this little kindergartener grow to do for her fellow-man?

The first day of school for teachers, students and even teens, is a day of promise. Be it the first day in the public school system that will eventually end with top honors at University of Theirchoice, or the first day of the school year that junior “gets his butt in gear,” and cranks out some gold stars. I for one, celebrate teens being shackled away for a big chunk of the day, but hey…you can celebrate for your OWN reasons!

To School Being Back in Session!  And I Quote the GREAT Stevie Wonder:  Teacher’s keep on teachin’!!!! Word.


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  1. Sending them away to kindergarten is so much harder than I thought it would be. I can only imagine what it will be like that first day of HS or College.

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