Trick Cake (not what it sounds like.)


When I first got the email in my inbox with: “trick cake” as the title, I thought immediately about a cake for triflin’-azzed skanks like myself. I perked up and yelled: “It’s about time!”

Sadly, this was not a cake for tricks, it was a trick (as in joke) cake. After my SKY HIGH expectations were dashed, I recovered and realized this was a pretty sneaky and RADICAL cake!

A fake cake with a pizza cut up and placed inside a box iced and decorated to look like a cake!? INCREDIBLE! BREATH-TAKING! AWE-INSPIRING!!!!!!!

If there’s one thing that you need to know about me, it’s that I lurve pranks. I am the QUEEN of elaborate (often unsuccessful) surprise ruses! This pizza cake is just the beginning. Why not make an elaborate fake cake for the person in your life who shouldn’t eat sweets, got a zaftig co-worker who steals your place in the microwave line? Next birthday make them a fake cake, fill it with celery and carrots, and leave it on their desk!!!!!!!!

See, I told you I’m not a nice person naturally, these horrible ideas just come to me!

Oh fake cake filled with pizza, you have just inspired me to prank so many people I love. You see, the only thing I LURVE more than pranks is running a good joke into the ground.

(thanks MK!)


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